Presentation Overload

Is it possible to have too many slide sets in your Google Drive? I love the new Explore feature in Slides as it makes my slides look professionally done. But it just doesn’t play well with a Conference template. Darn. 

With several upcoming conferences, I was hoping to provide more visually appealing slides (just in case the content wasn’t as exciting to my audience as it is to me!) But, alas, I must rely on my long ago desktop publishing training for layout. If you’re under 40 you probably don’t know what I mean by that. Design techniques are about using white space well. It’s about using succinct wording and hooking the attendee. And I used to get paid to do what Explore now does for Slides. Times change. 

The preparation for NCDPI’s Home Base Symposium this week and NCTIES next week on two distinctly different topics, has kept me thinking. The ease of using G Suite in the cloud makes everything so much easier. 

I keep my G Drive well organized, but I have so much in my Drive that I have to search to find anything. Too many presentations? Maybe. But I’m honored to have so many different topics accepted at the local and state levels. 

Hopefully my session attendees will find a few nuggets of information from my presentations. And hopefully Google will always be there for the next Presentation in the overloaded folder. What happens if Google ever isn’t there?!? Not tonight…

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