What is a “Connected Educator”?

I have certainly understood the term connected. I am certainly an educator. Being a connected educator takes many steps and facets to really complete. This blog post was a great way to fire up my Wednesday. The infographic is great for me. I love infographics! They really speak to the visual learner that I am.

I always thought that being “connected” was more of a negative term. If you were “connected” you knew people in high places. You might even have been a bit of a snob. Of course, today being connected takes on a whole new meaning.

How are you connected? Do some or many or all of the icons below look familiar to you? Some were new to me, and I feel as if I’m a fairly well-connected educator. So, I have some researching to do about apps like Trello and Slack. Have you used either of those? My quest to add to my curated digital toolbox continues. Thankfully.

When I stop learning, I’ll just wither up and fade away. Being a life-long learner is crucial to being an effective educator no matter what your role is.

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How do you stay current, relevant and up-to-date with the new technologies in education? What Connected Educators do Differently has answers for educators looking to start and cultivate a professional (or personal) learning network (PLN) to stay current and connected. Following are key takeaways from the book and from two other resources that go beyond […]

via 3 Takeaways from “What Connected Educators Do Differently” — Online Learning Insights

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