Three Cheers for Google Trainer Courses!

Well, I finally did it. I jumped into working on my Google Certification. I’ve been studying and using checklists of what I should know and be able to do. Wow! Is there ever a lot of stuff that I didn’t know I could do with the G Suite! Tips and tricks. Ideas and interesting features. Who knew?!?

Through this process, I also discovered the Google Certified Trainer courses. I am blown away by the amazing information provided by Google. The templates for developing training sessions, the ideas for using tools in the G Suite and the real focus on developing the best experience is amazing! It's So Great When Technology Works

I am excited to think about moving forward with my coaching role as an ITF (Instructional Technology Facilitator) in the upcoming school year. I have a much clearer picture of how my role should look as I integrate technology working WITH my teachers. (Look out staff!)

I sometimes find myself running out of time, or neglecting to follow up with the teacher after an integration lesson. The need for immediate feedback and opportunities to expand on the initial ideas are imperative. Flexibility is key, yet sometimes my role in dual jobs makes me less flexible than I need to be. That’s okay, though. Both jobs are important and somehow I need to find a way to meld them together in a more cohesive manner.

Overall, there is such a need to listen to those I work with. There is a huge importance in encouraging them to tell me what it is they really need and then fulfilling that training mission.

So starting today, my Technology Framework for Teacher Integration – my new title – has started taking shape. Meet the staff where they are and encourage them to grow with me while we keep the students at the center. The students are ultimately the focus. We are merely the lens.

Three cheers for Lifelong Learning and Google training!

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