Ice Days in North Carolina

My Northern roots used to rise up during these North Carolina winters to complain about the closing of school at the slightest flurry. I was one of the ne’er-do-wells that sneered at the slow driving, snowflake avoiding, scared drivers when there was even a threat of snow. But, six years of living here has made me realize the importance of school closing in a temperate climate in anticipation of a winter storm.

There really is a serious issue with putting buses on the road in sub zero temperatures in a state that isn’t used to winter weather. Brining the roads prior to a storm – spraying a salt solution on the roads – is effective. But not much can help the black ice that forms the moment the temps rise above 32 degrees during the day and then the temps plummet again at night.

While I don’t miss all that snow or extended cold weather, sometimes I feel as if it’s even more dangerous here in the Mid South. Drivers are afraid of snow and ice. Most folks don’t have the right clothing or ice scrapers and many have no idea how to drive on ice or snow.

So thank you, Wake County Public Schools for using good judgement, taking the unnecessary criticism, and having a sense of humor on your Twitter feed. Level heads certainly prevail.

Snow or Ice Day? I’m just grateful for the chance to sit quietly, get my work done, converse with colleagues and join in on Twitter chats from wherever I happen to be. Snowmaggedon 2018 appears to be over. Looking forward to 55 degrees on Monday. Bring on Spring! #snowmageddon18 #southernsnow #loveNC

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