Mac or PC? Does the debate really still exist?

I’ve always been a Mac gal. I have rebuilt my MacBook in various ways and I will continue to do so until it just can’t function any more. There was a day that I totally didn’t want to use or touch a PC because, frankly, I didn’t really understand them. Not that I couldn’t figure them out, but they just weren’t as simple as my Mac (or Apple IIe at the time). Yes, I just helped solidify that I’m well aged.

Now, of course, I not only use and work on Macs, but use and work on PCs. When I moved to NC from Maine, I went from Apple world to PC world. I had to learn fast as I was in charge of helping my school with their tech concerns with PCs. Windows XP was a far cry from Apple OS!

My first year in my school district, I was kicked off of the network constantly. Finding a Mac on the network was akin to a hacker getting into the secure space. Eventually the tech services folks got to know me and they stopped kicking me off. Made my work a whole lot easier! Because I didn’t have a PC laptop issued by my school, I had to learn my way around with the help of my geek husband. His skills on both PC and Mac made me look like a rock star in those early days!

So, here we are in 2018. The debate about which OS is better is less of an issue. Google Suite is cross platform and available anywhere. Microsoft’s Office 365 is the same. Everything living in the cloud has made collaboration across platform amazingly easy. No one has to know that I use a MacBook for everything that I can because, well, frankly, because I can! I’m more efficient with my Apple products even if I sometimes complain about the fact that they “don’t sync immediately” (read: spoiled).

What is your thought on the platform debate? Is there still a debate? I know that far more PCs exist, but I’m still sold on my 2010 MacBook Pro 17″ screen laptop – which my students claim is “HUGE!” – that gives me the most screen real estate I can get with an attached monitor. Besides, I’m finding that I can see that larger screen better now that I am a bit older!

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