Friday Night Musings

teachers at training As I reflect back on the previous week, I find myself returning to the same conclusion. Using technology and using technology well is an ongoing goal. While some might think I know a lot, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that I have so much more to learn.

Maybe it’s age. But the more I work with teachers and principals, the more I realize I need to learn much more than I know.

I have never considered myself an expert. I know a lot about certain things but I have so many areas that still need so much work.

Where are you in your Digital Learning? What are you doing to build your skills?

Fortunately, those that I work for have a vision of building capacity and reaching as many teachers as possible. In our 24 schools, we have worked with more than 475 teachers since the creation of this position. We have begun building relationships that I hope will sustain the work that we have started.

After three days as part of the NCTIES Conference as a learner, partner in education and presenter, I am further convinced that I have so much to learn.


How will you sustain your excitement about your latest professional learning? Will you share your excitement when you return to the classroom? Or will you tuck your knowledge away in the “been there, done that” file?

Let me encourage you, no, implore you, to extend your experience. Step out of your comfort zone. Take a risk. Fail forward. Model this growth mindset for your students and colleagues.

Public education is an amazing place. You make it an amazing place. WE make it an amazing place!

Spread the word, the ideas and most of all the enthusiasm that you have for each child, every day. You’ve got this!!

One thought on “Friday Night Musings

  1. Great post, Barb!

    I like this post for so many reasons, but especially because of getting to know you a little bit in our face-to-face conversations, I have unique context. I like your humility and how describe your impact in a new digital learning coordinator position. But here were two things that really stood out:

    1) Learning doesn’t stop at the conference. It’s a shame when our newfound knowledge isn’t transferred from a professional learning experience to our daily spaces.

    2) The times are always changing. And it feels like technology is not only moving quickly, but accelerating everything. It’s impossible to do it all. It’s impossible to master every area of technology and edtech, no matter what anyone may believe or imply. That’s why I really like your appreciation for your teammates and your network.

    When teaching and learning anything new, I’m 100% convinced that the delivery is way more important than the content–especially in edtech. When you can connect with people through an inviting, warm personality–that’s priceless. The technology will always be changing–making consumers genuine lifelong learners–but without the ability to connect with people, we’ve got nothing.

    Looking forward to your next post, Barb!

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