Symbaloo and Discovery Education Network Spotlight

How do you save bookmarks in  your classroom? Do you save your own to your browser and then wonder where you put things? Although I use multiple methods depending on whether I’m saving for personal or professional or classroom use, one method has really made my job so much easier. If you need to share bookmarks with students or anyone else, Symbaloo is the way to go!

Check out my screencast on SymbalooEDU as I went “under the spotlight” as a Discovery Education Network Educator. SymbalooEDU or it’s professional version Symbaloo is a unique and visually appealing way to save and share bookmarks. 

Using Symbaloo in the Classroom

I have discovered a great way to guide the students in my music classes to use the websites that I need them to view. SymbalooEDU in combination with the DiscoveryEducation Network makes my classroom come alive! I use the Spotlight on Music series from McGraw Hill.  This is a great series, but I like to infuse real world things into the classroom.

So, I often search out YouTube videos and Discovery Education information to supplement the classroom content. When I find the right sites, I “bookmark” them using the really convenient Symbaloo browser add-on. Then I organize my tiles on Symbaloo so that my students can find them easily.

For the NC Musicians content for Grade 4, I have developed the following Symbaloo. Feel free to use it, copy it, or share it!

Symbaloo has become my new Teacher Assistant. My students can replay the videos at any time as long as they have an Internet connection. And I even use Symbaloo for the Student Links on my school’s website. Great tool!

Collaborating with Colleauges!

Well it seems that I have been in great demand lately. I have been asked to do another blog. Hop on over to my page at Here I provide links for all sorts of things: technology, Common Core resources, iPad information. Whatever Ms. Fine comes up with or whatever I discover on my own. We keep the site fairly current. So check it out!