What does a 21st Century Music Classroom look like?

Not much different from any other music classroom. Except for the rolling metal cart with the laptop, LCD projector, iPod docking station that doubles as an amplifier, with a microphone and other sound inputs and a document reader. These tools help the 21st Century skills teacher use pdf files, mp3 files, YouTube, wikis and GarageBand in every day applications. The iPad connected to the TV is helpful, as well.

The rhythm sticks still get a lot of use, as do the guitars, Orff instruments and maracas. But, student learning is enhanced when we can go to Google Earth and look at where something is in live-time and see the topography of a country or location as we study a song.

Stay tuned for more tools from my “Every day 21st Century” classroom!

Virtual Worlds

I have spent the last 5 weeks exploring Second Life as my avatar Davina DaTeacher. Led by Lucas Gillespie of LearnNC.org and the COLT online certification program, my classmates and I explored Second Life. At first I was very hesitant and unsure of why this was important to education. I had spent time in Second Life before and wandered around aimlessly. I chose to take this class, because I always like to have someone prove me wrong!

Lucas DID prove me wrong! His expert guidance gently led us through exploring NASA learning islands, to building fascinating shapes, to meeting docents at ISTE Island. We changed outfits, learned how to interact in the space, and fly. Yes, I said fly. It is a most convenient way to get around.

Schools, businesses and Universities are using Virtual World technology to teach classes, collaborate with others around the world, and develop new ways to assess and educate. The possibilities are truly endless.

My concern was with using Second Life in my day-to-day existence as an elementary school teacher. I have been guided, however, to Reaction Grid which is suitable for younger students. I will spend some time this week exploring Reaction Grid and hope for positive outcomes to share with my Technology students at school. Stay tuned!

2010 NCMEA Conference

This weekend I will be presenting at the NC Music Educators Conference in Winston-Salem, NC. Please take the survey if you were an attendee at the conference.

The NCMEA 2010 sessions are available for download here:

MIDI in the Elementary Classroom Click here to take the MIDI session survey

Download the pdf version of my MIDI Workshop_c

Wikis, Blogs and Google Docs Click here to take Wiki, Blog and Google Docs survey

Download the pdf version of Wikis-Blogs-GoogleDocs

Garageband in the Elementary Classroom Click here to take the GarageBand session survey

Download the pdf version of GargageBand ’10 in the Elem Class