‘Twas the Night Before Conference…

It never fails. No matter how much I prepare for presenting at a conference, I’m still putting final touches on my final product fairly late the night before. It’s not that I’m not prepared. More like I’m not satisfied with the work I’ve done. Not. Ever.

Google Classroom for Littles 101 NCTIES18Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a perfectionist. Not by a long shot. But, the images aren’t just right. The text doesn’t look right. The content is just not as complete as I want. Oh, wait! I’ve only got 45 minutes! Cut out a few slides or just plan to skip them if it seems necessary. Improvisation is the name of this game.

I’ve been presenting at conferences and workshops for over 20 years. I’m not a professional by any means and it’s certainly not my regular job. I just love to share knowledge – almost as much as I like to learn something new. My students teach me something new every day. They are amazing at finding some tip or trick that I didn’t know. They constantly make me re-think my methods and my motives. Sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes they make me want to go back to school and start again.

As I develop my session, I use authentic student work. Some work from my adult students and some work from my second graders. This cross section is amazingly similar. They are very diverse in ages but very similar in learning styles. So when I bring forth examples, I hope to guide other educators down the path that has kept me teaching for all these years: constant amazement at what learning does for the human soul.

So, I’ll go back and add another image. Or take one away. Or I’ll move the text over and change the background. Or I’ll delete another slide and add fewer graphics. Maybe I’ll even finish before 4:15 tomorrow when that first slide pops up and it’s showtime. Come to my session and see if I’m done! Google Classroom for Littles 101 in Room 302B at the Raleigh Convention Center at NCTIES 2018. See you there! #ncties18 #Google4Littles


NCMEA Conference 2012

There are so many great sessions coming up at the NCMEA Conference 2012 in Winston-Salem, NC!

The full conference schedule can be found at: http://www.ncmea.net/conference/conference.html

Look for my two sessions: Making Assessment Work – Technology and You and Organize Your Life! Technology Tools for Working Smarter. Both sessions will be posted here after the conference.

MMEA 2011 All State Conference Sessions

Thanks to those that attended my workshops at the MMEA All State Conference at USM in Gorham, Maine on Thursday and Friday. The two workshops that I presented are available for you to download and use as you need them. Please remember to link back to my blog should you use them and find them helpful! Feel free to share them with others as well.

Any questions can be directed to me at bbpackales@aol.com.

Wikis-Blogs-GoogleDocs_May 2011

Using MIDI in the Classroom – Maine Workshop

NCMEA 2011 Conference Presenters Needed!

I’m searching for presenters for the upcoming NCMEA Conference in November 2011. I am looking for best practices by teachers from all levels K-College.

Some ideas are:

  • Innovative uses of interactive whiteboards
  • Uses of the iPad
  • Uses of the iPod Touch
  • Best practices at every level using technology
  • Vendors with great new products
  • Lesson plan sharing sessions

Know anyone? Are you able to present yourself? The deadline is March 25, 2011 HOWEVER – I will gladly accept proposals as late as April 25th. Please download a session proposal form, or email me with your ideas! Tech Conference Session Proposal Application

GarageBand Session Presented Today

I will be presenting a GarageBand Session today at 2 PM in BCC North Main Hall C.

This session is not listed in the NCMEA Conference booklet. Please pass the word!

2010 NCMEA Conference

This weekend I will be presenting at the NC Music Educators Conference in Winston-Salem, NC. Please take the survey if you were an attendee at the conference.

The NCMEA 2010 sessions are available for download here:

MIDI in the Elementary Classroom Click here to take the MIDI session survey

Download the pdf version of my MIDI Workshop_c

Wikis, Blogs and Google Docs Click here to take Wiki, Blog and Google Docs survey

Download the pdf version of Wikis-Blogs-GoogleDocs

Garageband in the Elementary Classroom Click here to take the GarageBand session survey

Download the pdf version of GargageBand ’10 in the Elem Class